Record Website Sessions

Reweby is a platform that provides an easy-to-use script for recording user interactions and replaying them remotely.

What we offer?

Reweby refers to ‘record and replay the web’, which is a tool for recording and replaying users’ interactions on the web.

Record Website Activities

With a simple script you can create the video recordings of any web page.

Replay In Video Format

Reweby provides a more lightweight and pixel-perfect Replay.

Website Session Tracking

By setting Target Web pages, You can track the non-reached sessions.

Record WordPress Admin Page

Downlaod  the integration plugin that records admin activities.

You want Demo?

Watch our demo videos by visiting the URL below. If you need more information, you can schedule a call with us.

Steps involved to use ReWebY



Click ‘Start with 5-day trial’ to sign up. After email verification, your Reweby account will be created.


Create Script

After logging in, find ‘Create Scripts’ on the left sidebar. Click it to manage existing scripts and add new ones.


Copy Paste Script

Copy script to start web session recording. Copied script can be added to your website.


View Recordings

You can view recordings anytime by logging into the Reweby admin panel. Modify the name and share it with others.

Storage Based Pricing

Start with Free Trail. Later you can use our add-on service to expand your storage.

Lite plan

$ 50

Enjoy unlimited session recording based on storage. Our pricing structure ensures limitless sessions.

10GB Storage

10GB is equalling to 500+ hours of recording

Unlimitted Session Recordings

Pricing is based on storage. So you can have unlimitted sessions.

Storage Optimization

90days old data is automatically cleared and free up the space.

One Website

You can use reweby for only one website in this plan

Premium plan

$ 50

Experience the Live Mode feature, receiving notifications upon site access, allowing you to view it live with users.

100GB Storage

100GB Nvme Disk is give you maximum performance in terms of storage.

All Light Plan Features

Pricing is based on storage. So you can have unlimitted sessions.

Separate Managed Server

Your Data is alone in the server. And Its a Virtual Private Server.

Unlimited Websites

You can use any number of websites in this plan.

Frequently Asked Questions